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Sustainability success for your business

Business sustainability & net zero – starting your journey
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Discover everything you need to know about sustainability in business

Carbon Positive Australia has designed a short course so you can quickly increase your knowledge of climate and sustainability issues so your business can successfully impact these issues.

What's included?

5 Comprehensive modules

Gain unlimited life-time access to course materials.  Enhance your understanding of the carbon market and get started on your journey towards becoming carbon positive.

Carbon calculator tool

Utilise our Carbon Positive Australia Calculator to calculate and offset your business carbon footprint.

Valuable takeaway resources

Access a suite of additional resources to help you on your Carbon journey, including a template for efficient carbon reduction planning.

Interactive short quizzes

Test your understanding throughout the course. Short quizzes are included at the end of each module.

Certification on completion

Be rewarded upon completion with a certificate to recognise your commitment to creating a climate positive future. 

Support native tree planting and restoration

100% of your investment goes towards our restoration projects across Australia. By signing up, you are not only making an impact within your organisation but you will also making an immediate impact for planet earth.
Meet your presenters

The Carbon Positive Australia team

This course has been carefully curated by a dedicated team of individuals, each bringing their own passion and extensive experience. Together they have a combined total of over 25 years experience in the industry and as an organisation we are proudly part of the UN compact climate accelerator.
Throughout the course, you'll hear from our Head of Partnerships, Catherine Patterson, who brings a wealth of knowledge in the business sustainability sector, having assisted countless businesses in achieving their sustainability goals. 

You will also benefit from the expertise of Carbon Positive Australia CEO, Louise Tarrier, renowned for her leadership in environmental organisations and Lauren Purcell, our Communications and Partnerships Coordinator, who has successfully collaborated with numerous brands, driving their sustainability initiatives.

Last but not least, Jess Fitzgerald, our Commercial and Carbon Project Coordinator, who has developed our award-winning carbon calculator, benefiting thousands in accurately measuring their environmental impact.
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